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Dr Douglas and his professional team are the best decision I made for my son, Lucas (age 11).

Over a year ago, we had a hard time deciding on the treatment plan; another orthodontist office had recommended extraction to resolve crowding and to help create space for incoming permanent teeth.

Dr Douglas very patiently took the time to explain to me his recommendation to install a spacer device (Quad Upper Helix) and later a retainer. And that extraction may lead to future problems since my son was still growing.

It worked beautifully! The permanent teeth have grown in proper alignment. He has a lovely smile and can more effectively brush now that there is no crowding.

Thank you Dr Douglas! We will be back!


Karen Chong

Every single staff member that helped me today was extremely courteous, friendly and super efficient. When starting the consultation, they wanted to find out what was best for me strategically and financially. They also were concerned about my overall health on top of Ortho which made me feel taken care of. I can see why they're the top office! This place is great for everyone of all ages, with a huge interactive tablet to entertain, and rewards programs.